The Superhighway to Self-Awareness

Today we will be returning once again to a discussion between Tim Ferris and Dr. Gabor Maté. This brief clip (0:50) pertains to the utility of psychedelic assisted therapy.

Psychedelic assisted therapy has gained more support recently surrounding its benefits in aiding trauma recovery. It is a potent method, and while not for everyone, can be effective when undertaken with experienced practitioners in a safe and controlled setting.

This modality of therapy has been described as opening doors that may have otherwise taken years to address, and may assist an individual to a state of readiness for counselling and change.

Therapy is never easy, but with the help of psychedelic assisted therapy, it can be less daunting, and lead to long-term positive outcomes which may not have otherwise been achieved, or would have taken many more years without it.

For more information on this upcoming area of practice, consider taking a look at this page by Mind Medicine Australia, or other helpful websites online.

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