Our Friendly Therapists

The Counselling Spot Brisbane is a group of down-to-earth qualified and experienced therapists who you can trust. All feelings and struggles are welcome and respected. Our specialist team believes that a warm and trusting relationship is needed to heal in therapy. We can help you find a therapist that will suit your needs.

What can expect I at The Counselling Spot?

Team Approach to Therapy

Where situations involving couples or families are complicated, we might ask your permission to work with you all as a team. Our therapists can support each other professionally to give you an easy plan to understand.

Team therapy may require individual Counselling for each family member from a team of therapists. We can then come together to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible care.

Sometimes two therapists are better than one!

The Counselling Spot Values

  • High-quality service using best practices
  • Welcoming, caring, compassionate therapists and staff
  • Cultural competence, inclusion, and sensitivity
  • A safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment
  • Celebrating diversity in LGBTQIA+
  • Up to date evidence-based Counselling
  • The heritage, custodianship, and ongoing leadership of the First Nations People of Australia

Well Trained Experienced Therapists

The Counselling Spot Brisbane is committed to professional development around the latest neuroscience research. We are informed by the latest techniques in Counselling and psychotherapy. The Counselling Spot therapists can help with a range of focussed psychological strategies. Including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Mindfulness
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Solution-focused Therapy
  • Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT)
  • We also have therapists who are highly skilled in:
  • – Brainspotting, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Techniques and other somatic approaches
  • –Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Relationship Therapy such as Imago, Gottman, and many more.

Experienced Trauma Informed Therapists

The Counselling Spot recognises that traumatic events in your life may cause ongoing psychological distress. However, we also recognise the less apparent but often persistent damage caused by soft trauma due to prolonged psychological or emotional abuse. We can help you to identify abuse and understand how it affects you.

Our Therapists know that sometimes it is easier for people who have experienced traumatic abuse to avoid those unwanted feelings. In our experience, people with trauma naturally seek to escape the memory or the feeling of emotional pain. Having trauma in your life can make it hard to trust a therapist. You may even avoid seeking help for fear of feeling shame or being again overwhelmed with painful feelings.

You can feel safe at The Counselling Spot Brisbane because we are highly trained Trauma-Informed Therapists. We have years of experience and understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex PTSD. We want you to know that you are not alone and help is here at The Counselling Spot. Be brave and take the first step by making an appointment today.

Comfortable Conversational Therapy

The Counselling Spot Therapists are all extensively trained in the latest therapeutic approaches. We hope that your therapy experience at The Counselling Spot Brisbane will feel more like a safe conversation than a series of professional techniques. Life can be demanding, so we offer a flexible service to help you reach your goals as best as we can.

Opportunities to Set Goals and Heal

Our therapists all have a deep appreciation for the importance of our close personal relationships in our well-being. We offer relationship counselling and individual support for various family members if needed. We can work with individuals, couples or the whole family, and children as a team. Working as a team can be especially helpful with complex situations such as dealing with disabilities, family breakdown, and chronic mental health issues.

A Strong Spirit of Acceptance

Sometimes you or others in your life may not like how you act. As Therapists, we understand how specific behaviour may be a way to cope with your situation or past trauma. You or others may dislike or even be ashamed of how you have been acting lately. Aggression, anger, anxiety, frustration, taking drugs, or drinking alcohol excessively are all signs that you need some additional support in your life.

The Counselling Spot wants to help you understand how your actions have developed and their role and purpose. In our experience, when you deeply understand the cause of your behaviour, you can start to heal and learn better ways of coping. Therapy can help you feel like life is less overwhelming and give you the support you need to move forward.

Being overwhelmed by shame or trauma is a big part of many people’s lives. You are not alone. Our Therapists have ways to help you with the big feelings. Individuals and families are often scared of a loved one self-harming or even considering suicide. Shame can be linked-to loved ones dying of suicide. Whatever your experience, we are here to listen and assist you.

A Safe Therapist Relationship

At The Counselling Spot, we recognise the importance of your relationship with your therapist. We are mindful that privacy and confidentiality are critical to helping you feel safe to share. You know that you are beginning to heal when you feel understood, believed, cared for, and not judged.

Our therapists are human, too, and are genuine, kind, and caring. For your therapy to be helpful, you need to feel grounded and safe in the relationship. We aim to make you feel comfortable and allow you the space to explore deeply. Sadly, people often tell us, “I wish I had come to counselling years ago.”

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