On Reframing a Challenging Moment

This week we wish to share another clip from a discussion between Tim Ferriss and Dr. Gabor Maté (7:26).

In this clip, Dr. Maté coaches Tim Ferriss through the reframing of a challenging moment.

He begins by identifying the emotions that arose during the moment. For Tim, these included anger and sadness.

Dr. Maté then explored the events and reasons behind these emotions. Together, they then brainstorm alternative reasons as to why these reasons may have come about. While the situation may have come about due to the other person’s malicious intentions, but also due to factors such as a cancelled train, or an unexpected hospital visit, or other events outside of their control.

Out of these possibilities, Tim acknowledged that the worst possible assumption was the one his brain would jump to first. Dr. Maté validated this and linked this normal human response to our past experiences and trauma.

He stressed that we don’t respond to what happened. We respond to our perception of what happened.

In this way, we may catastrophise a situation and take unfortunate events personally, responding to these perceived threats.

However, by acknowledging this as a response to our perception rather than an objective fact, we locate the source of the reaction within ourselves. When the source is internal, we are no longer the victims of circumstance or other people’s actions, and regain power over the situation.

While this approach may not work for every challenging situation, we hope that it has been insightful and empowering.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@tateisimikito

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