Laurie’s Look at the Stormy Daniels Testimonial

Last Friday our wonderful practitioner Laurie Marsden had an article published in Women’s Agenda about the testimonial by Stormy Daniels in relation to Donald Trump. This is a powerful and highly relevant commentary on a situation too many women can identify with.

We highly recommend reading this article in full.

We are very proud of Laurie and her contributions to this ongoing discussion.

If you or a loved one are triggered at all by everything that is coming out on social media presently, Laurie does have appointments available at the Clayfield office. She is a highly experienced therapist with extensive training in addressing women’s challenges, especially in regard to this topic.

More information about Laurie can be found on her profile:

Please also feel free to utilise the various contact numbers on our Resources page for immediate assistance.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

TCS Team

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