Hi, I’m Julia Campbell

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

B.Soc.Wk. (Hons) B.Psych Grad. Dip. Psych (Adv)

My approach is to be kind and help you to understand your Mental Health problems. I can offer you a supportive and safe space to feel understood. I am passionate about understanding people’s experiences and the impacts of trauma.

I have experience working with people who have Psychosocial and Physical Disabilities and welcome anyone who needs support with a disability. I have been able to develop communication and psychological strategies to help you if you do have a disability. I can help families who are supporting or are living with Disabilities. I have completed further study in psychology, family therapy and forensic disability.

I can help you to stay calm and support you through big life changes. Because I know that big changes can be hard to deal with alone. Changes like the end of a relationship, illnesses, physical deterioration, financial or job changes, age related changes. You can feel judged and alone, but I can help you through the tough times. Big changes like pregnancy and parenthood can be hard to deal with. I have

experience in supporting perinatal mental illness, postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, postpartum anxiety disorders. These are big words for how new Mums can feel after having a baby. I can help you get used to being a new mum and finding yourself again in your new world.

I believe that you can find your strength and find meaning in your own life. Sometimes we need help to make changes. Sometimes those changes feel bigger than us. I can help you to identify your goals in life..