B. Psychology, Master of Social Work
Australian Association of Social Workers

I am happy to be joining the Counselling Spot, working again with my colleague from Veteran’s and Veteran’s Families Counseling Service, Judi Barwick. In my 24 years as a mental health provider, I have taken great pride in helping people through a variety of challenges and life events. To me, therapy is about become whole again, healing current issues and past traumas, (even the ones we don’t remember, but our bodies and psyche does). Most often clients present with one issue and the connections we make during our work together show many layers and exactly why these situations arise. I help my clients not only understand where they are and why they are there, but also what they must do to change their lives, heal, and move forward a happier and healthier person. I am there to gently guide them through the process.

I am well trained with two degrees from Columbia University, and extensive experience in mental health treatment and counselling in both New York and Brisbane. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is highly regarded and has the most research of any therapy proving its efficacy. I also use a psychodynamic approach, as well as look at a person’s health and social impacts on a person’s life. 

Clients have come to me with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, PTSD, addiction, body issues and a variety of other diagnosis. No matter what you are dealing with we can always find a path for you to grow, feel better and change your behavior to positive results.

The therapeutic relationship is a safe place, full of honesty, and trust, where insights shift old patterns and new ways of being arise. I feel honored to be in these relationships with my clients. And I simply love what I do.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Columbia University)

Master of Science in Social Work (Columbia University)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NYS)

Australian Association of Social Work


Created 8 Steps to Becoming You, the first online therapy program for women.