B. Social Work, Master of Social Work
Australian Association of Social Workers

I am a dog lover, potter, and love to dance. I have been working with folks for over 22 years. I believe we all have a blueprint for wellness and my approach is to work alongside you, facilitating a process that engages with your innate healing and recovery process. Everyone is unique and so is their life journey. In my therapy process I privilege your lived experience and offer flexible approaches to your unique concerns and resources.

I have worked extensively with survivors of trauma, violence, grief and loss and bereavement. I love working with folks facing mental health challenges, working on trauma recovery and those negotiating any of life’s many challenges. I work with adults, young people, families and facilitate a variety of groups. Some feedback about my work includes – I am passionate about helping others, my warm and caring approach makes it easy to share concerns, I place a high importance on folks’ sense of safety in sessions. I bring a range of experience, therapy modalities and importantly curiosity and openness.


  • Bachelor of Social Work (UQ)
  • Master of Social Work, Advanced (UQ)
  • Postgraduate course work in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Expressive therapies
  • Art therapy
  • Mindfulness and Breathe work
  • Sand tray therapy
  • Process Orientated Psychotherapy
  • Body Movement therapy
  • Sensory Modulation techniques
  • Extensive Trauma training (including Janina Fisher, Bessel Van der Kolk, Leah Giarratano, Karen El-Monir)