Hi, I’m David Pham

Accredited Social Worker (AASW and ACA Registration)
BHlthSc, MSocWkSt, MCouns, MMH (Psychotherapy)

David is a dedicated therapist that uses evidence-based approaches that have shown to be effective in helping individuals toward change and positive transformation. With an academic background that provides a breadth in how mental health is understood and cared for, David will provide therapy options that best suit your personality and natural tendencies for growth.

When engaging in the therapeutic process, David believes in having a shared responsibility towards achieving client goals, and is passionate about providing the necessary conditions for each unique person to accomplish this objective. Using his 12 years of experience in helping individuals to realise their potential, David is able to provide a space for clients to be who they truly are and openly express themselves. This allows a person to explore and use their own skills and inherent wisdom to improve clarity to their circumstances and broaden their insight on how to overcome barriers and progress.

When working with David, you can expect to be met with compassion, patience and honesty. An unconditional positive regard is consistently maintained which includes a non-judgemental stance toward a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions. David believes that these do not define a person, and instead recognises that each person is deserving of respect, dignity, and belief in their own character. In addition to having a practitioner who offers acceptance and warmth, high professional standards are upheld, with the client’s privacy being a top priority.

Without having to worry about being needlessly pathologised, David is prepared to guide clients through the process of exploring inner depth and being present where there is pain or confronting realities. In contrast with turning away from what may be considered ugly or messy, David offers reflection and acceptance. Therapy with David can help clients become unstuck and move toward meaningful and sustainable change.